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Author! Author!

Liza's book, Katherine Jackson French:  Kentucky's Forgotten Ballad Collector, published through University Press of Kentucky which was awarded the KENTUCKY HISTORY AWARD is now out in paperback.  Available from Amazon, Borders, University Press of Kentucky and other online merchants.  

Liza and her work on Dr. French was featured on All Things Considered on NPR in a feature by Stephanie Wolf.  You can catch it here:  https://www.npr.org/2021/01/05/953653411/katherine-jackson-frenchs-ballad-collection-published-110-years-later

Other features include one on Old-Time Central:  https://oldtime-central.com/katherine-jackson-french-kentuckys-forgotten-ballad-collector/ and an article in the Country Dance and Song Society Summer 2020 magazine as well: https://www.cdss.org/programs/cdss-news-publications/cdss-news/1900-cdss-news-fall-2020  


Dr. French first tried to publish a collection of Kentucky ballads in 1910; the story of how this did not come to be, along with how the history of Appalachian balladry would have been different if it had, is the subject of this story of one of Kentucky music's greatest unknown women. The biography may be ordered here:   https://www.kentuckypress.com/9780813178523/katherine-jackson-french/  


A commemorative edition of her ballads has been  published by Berea College, fulfilling a 110-year-old promise.  It, along with There Was a Fair Maid Dwelling a recording of French's ballads (#55 on the Folk Chart in 2020), is available by contacting liza@elizabethdisavinoauthor.com .

The publication of the trilogy marks the culmination of a seven-year project.

Mountains...stay tuned.

Fall falls...

Hello, friends,


Fall has been lovely here in Kentucky, some of the prettiest colors we've seen in the past twelve years.  We had some blazing red-oranges this year, a rarity, and the ever-present yellows as well.  The weather is just beginning to cool off; the last tomatoes came in last week.

Liza is an Associate Professor now at Berea College with commensurate increased duties, and A.J. is playing for the dance programs at both Berea and at University of Kentucky.  But we have some concerts coming up nonetheless!

We are making available sheet music for some of our most-requested pieces: Holy Women and Men, Alternative Medicine, Batchelder's Reel, and Mission Statement.  Order at paypal at lizadisavino@gmail.com 

Our recordings are here under "Music and More."  Please feel free to order away!

Here's to a healthy and safe fall for everyone.

Peace & Syncopation,

Liza & A.J.