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Do you find yourself tired of a world in which everyone talks and no one listens?  Where human connection is lost in a world of gigabytes and angry opinions?   What’s the best gift can you give to your audience or your friends?  Beauty.  Peace.  Connection.    Feeling.  Laughter.  Meaning. Hope.  

Liza & A.J. join audiences together in community through the shared experience of deeply moving songs and blazing instrumentals, drawn from a wide range of musical traditions. Their multi-faceted and engaging repertoire draws on multiple genres and utilizes over 20 instruments. 


Americana, Roots, Traditional, Folk - call it what you will.  What is undeniable is the power of the music itself, passed down from hand to loving hand and presented here in ways that speak to our fragile moment in time.


Songwriters as well as songcatchers, they firmly root their style in Americana with accents of jazz, creating well-crafted songs that tell great stories, insightfully explore social issues, and bear witness to the impossibly redeeming power of love.

Liza & A.J. have shared their unboundaried love of music with audiences for 29 years. Award-winning performers and researchers, they have played venues and festivals in New England, the Mid-Atlantic, the Midwest, the Southwest and throughout Appalachia.

In addition to their performance schedule as a duo and as folk dance musicians, the two work at Berea College, KY, where A.J. plays for the dance program, including the 86-year-old Country Dancers, and Liza leads the college Folk-Roots Ensemble. teaches Appalachian music and directs the Celebration of Traditional Music, now in its 51st year.  Both appeared on the college’s nationally broadcast CBS Christmas special "Listen:  A Celebration of Christmas at Berea College," and Liza and the Folk-Roots Ensemble performed with the Chieftains. 


Liza's scholarly work on Appalachian balladry has garnered her spots on "All Things Considered" on NPR and "Studio 360" on PRI as well.

Whether in your living room, at a festival, or a 3000-seat hall, Liza & A.J.’s music draws hearts and minds together in community and beauty.  Don’t miss the chance to have these superlative artists bring their magic to your hall or home!

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