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Liza & A.J.

"Usually Unusual"


It's a big world full of all kinds of music, music that can help bring it together, if we dare.


We are Liza & A.J. (Liza DiSavino and A.J. Bodnar), a genre-fluid acoustic duo who perform a diverse  repertoire of music, aided by the use of over 20 (often unusual) instruments.  From original acoustic songs to traditional Appalachian, from early jazz to dance music, we perform and teach them all.

We are dedicated teachers as well as performers, and teach traditional music and dance at Berea College in Kentucky, one of the best liberal arts colleges in America with long links to the folk music of the region.

Our services include:

  • Concerts

  • Festivals

  • House Concerts

  • Interactive Workshops

  • Contra, square, English dance (as part of Illegal Contraband)

  • Classes

  • Lectures

  • Events

  • Church Services

  • Soundtracks and music for sync

For more info on us, please see our "Bio" page.

Promoters, please see our online press packet, above.


We are currently booking Liza & A.J., Illegal Contraband, and Walk Sign Chestnut for Summer and Fall 2024.

Holler at us if you’re interested!

Wishing you best kinds of peace and syncopation,

Liza & A.J.


Petticoat Lane - Liza & A.J.

Beauty.  Peace.  Community. Feeling.  Laughter.  Inspiration.  Healing.  Hope.  Come with us on that journey.

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